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Change Form Views
Change Form Views
You can view your form using three form views: Form view, Design view, and Layout view. Form
view is the default; in this view, you can simply enter data. In Design view, each form object
appears as a separate, editable element. For example, in Design view, you can edit both the box that
contains the data and the label that identifies the data. In Layout view, you can rearrange the form
controls and adjust their sizes directly on the form. Access makes it easy to switch from Form view to
Design view to Layout view and back.
Change Form Views
Switch to Design View
1 Double-click the form that
you want to edit to open it
in Form view.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the bottom half of the
View button.
4 Click Design View .
A Access displays the form in
Design view.
Switch to Layout View
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click the bottom half of the
View button.
3 Click Layout View .
B Access displays the form in
Layout view.
To return to Form view, you
can click the bottom half of
the View button and then
click Form View .
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