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Move a Field in a Form
Move a Field in a Form
You can move a field to another location on your form. For example, you might move a field to
accommodate the order in which data is entered in the form. When you click a field label to select
it, Access selects only the field label. Because you will probably want to move both the field label and
the field contents, you can more easily move both of them if you select both at the same time.
Although you can move a field in either Design view or Layout view, you might find it easier to make
changes to your form in Layout view.
Move a Field in a Form
1 Double-click the form that you
want to edit to open it in Form
2 Switch to Layout view (see the
previous section, “Change Form
Views,” for details).
3 Click the label of the field that
you want to move (
to ).
4 Press and hold as you click
the contents of the field.
5 Click and drag the field label and
contents to the new location on
the form.
A This symbol identifies the
proposed position of the field
label and contents.
B When you release the mouse
button, Access repositions the
You can click anywhere outside
the field label and contents to
deselect them.
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