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Delete a Field in a Form
Delete a Field in a Form
You can delete a field that you no longer need in a form. When you remove a field, you need to
remove both the data box and the field label. Although you can delete a field in Design view or in
Layout view, you might find it easier to do this in Layout view.
Note that removing a form field does not remove the field from the table upon which the form is
originally based or any of the data within that field; it simply removes the field from the form.
Delete a Field in a Form
1 Double-click the form that you want
to edit to open it in Form view.
2 Switch to Layout view (see the
section “Change Form Views” for
3 Click the label of the field that you
want to delete ( changes to ).
4 Press and hold as you click the
contents of the field.
5 Press , or click the Home tab
and then click the Delete button.
A Access removes the field and label
from the form.
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