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Format Form Fields
Format Form Fields
To change the look of a form, you can apply formatting to fields in the form. You might format
a form field to draw attention to it in order to make it easier to locate that field for data-entry
purposes. Or, you might opt to change the font of all field labels, make them larger, and change
their color, to make them stand out on the form for those who enter data.
You can apply the same types of formatting to form fields that you apply to words in Word
documents, PowerPoint presentations, Publisher publications, Outlook messages, and Excel cells.
Format Form Fields
1 Double-click the form that you
want to edit to open it in Form
2 Switch to Layout view (see
“Change Form Views” for details).
3 Click to select the field whose
text you want to format.
A To select multiple fields, you can
press and hold
as you click
additional fields.
4 Click the Format tab.
5 Use these tools to format the fields:
Click the Font
and choose a
Click the Font Size
and choose
a font size.
Click to the right of the Font
Color button (
) and choose a
Click to the right of the
Background Color button (
and choose a color.
B Access formats the text in the
selected fields.
You can click anywhere outside the
selected fields to deselect them.
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