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Add a Background Image
Add a Background Image
You can add a background image to a form to make it more pleasant to view. For example, you
could add a company logo or a photograph that appears in your company’s marketing materials.
A background image, while not necessary or essential to a form, can make data entry a bit more
interesting, simply because the form looks less form-like. And, when data entry is less boring and
more interesting, the person entering the data is less likely to make mistakes. A background image
on a form remains fixed, even as you change records.
Add a Background Image
1 Double-click the form that you
want to edit to open it in Form
2 Switch to Layout view (see the
section “Change Form Views”
for details).
3 Click the Format tab.
4 Click the Background Image
5 Click Browse .
The Insert Picture dialog box
6 Locate and select the image
you want to use.
7 Click OK.
A Access adds the image to the
form background.
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