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Chapter 17: Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
C The new record appears here.
D Access moves the cell pointer
to the first cell in the next row.
7 Repeat Steps to to add 6
more records to the table.
Access adds your records.
E You can resize a column by
dragging the column border
left or right.
F You can use the scroll bars
to view different parts of
the table.
What is a primary key?
A primary key uniquely identifies each record in a table. For many tables, the primary key is the ID field by
default. The ID field, which Access creates automatically, stores a unique number for each record as it is
entered into the database. If you want, however, you can designate another field (or even multiple fields)
as a primary key. To do so, switch the table to Design view, select the field that you want to set as the
primary key, and click the Primary key button on the Design tab.
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