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Chapter 2: Working with Files
Working with Files
Create a New Outlook Item
1 In the Navigation bar at the
bottom of the Outlook
window, click the type of
item you want to create —
Mail, Calendar, People, or
2 Click the appropriate New
button. For example, if you
are creating a Mail item, the
button is labeled New Email.
If you are creating a Calendar
item, the button is labeled
New Appointment, New
Meeting, and so on.
A The new item opens.
What is a template?
A template is a file containing predefined settings that serve
as the foundation for your document, saving you the effort of
manually creating the settings. Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access, and Publisher 2013 display a variety of templates on
the program Start screen and also when you start a new
document while working in the program.
Where can I find more templates to use
with my Microsoft Office programs?
At Office Online. At the top of the
program Start screen or on the New
screen, click in the Search online
templates box, describe the type of
template you want, and click
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