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Sort Records
Sort Records
Sorting enables you to arrange your database records in a logical order to match any criteria that
you specify. By default, Access sorts records in ID order. However, you may want to sort the
records alphabetically or based on the ZIP code. You can sort in ascending order or descending order.
You can sort records in a table, or you can use a form to sort records. Sorting records in a table has
no effect on the order in which records appear in an associated form; similarly, sorting in a form has
no effect on the records in an associated table.
Sort Records
Sort a Table
1 In the Navigation pane,
double-click the table you
want to sort.
2 Position your mouse pointer
over the column heading for
the field by which you want to
sort ( changes to ) and
click to select the column.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click a sort button:
Click Ascending to sort the
records in ascending order.
Click Descending to sort the
records in descending order.
Access sorts the table records
based on the field you choose.
A In this example, Access sorts
the records alphabetically by
company name in ascending
5 Click to close the table.
B In the prompt box that
appears, you can click Yes to
make the sort permanent or
No to leave the original
order intact.
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