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Sort Records
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
Sort Using a Form
1 In the Navigation pane,
double-click the form you
want to use to sort records.
2 Click in the field by which
you want to sort.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click a sort button:
Click Ascending to sort the
records in ascending order.
Click Descending to sort the
records in descending order.
Access sorts the table records
based on the field you chose.
C In this example, Access sorts
the records alphabetically by
company name in ascending
D You can use the navigation
buttons to view the sorted
How are empty records sorted?
If you sort using a field for which
some records are missing data, those
records are included in the sort; they
appear first in an ascending sort, or
last in a descending sort.
How do I remove a sort order?
With the sorted table or form open, click the Remove Sort
button in the Sort & Filter group on the Home tab. This returns
the table to its original sort order. You can also use this
technique to remove a sort from a query or report. (Queries
and reports are covered later in this chapter.)
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