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Filter Records
Filter Records
You can use an Access filter to view only specific records that meet criteria you set. For example,
you may want to view all clients buying a particular product, anyone in a contacts database who
has a birthday in June, or all products within a particular category. You can also filter by exclusion —
that is, filter out records that do not contain the search criteria that you specify.
You can apply a simple filter on one field in your database using the Selection tool, or you can filter
several fields using the Filter by Form command.
Filter Records
Apply a Simple Filter
1 In the Navigation pane,
double-click the form you
want to use to filter records.
2 Click in the field by which
you want to filter.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click the Selection button.
5 Click a criterion.
A Access filters the records.
B In this example, Access finds
three records matching the
filter criterion.
C You can use the navigation
buttons , , , and
to view the filtered records.
D To remove the filter, you can
click the Toggle Filter
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