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Apply Conditional Formatting
Apply Conditional Formatting
You can use Access’s Conditional Formatting tool to apply certain formatting attributes, such
as bold text or a fill color, to data in a form when the data meets a specified condition. For
example, if your database tracks weekly sales, you might set up the Conditional Formatting feature to
alert you if sales figures fall below what is required for you to break even.
You apply conditional formatting by creating a rule that specifies the criteria that the value in a field
must meet. Access formats values that meet the criteria using settings you specify.
Apply Conditional Formatting
1 In the Navigation pane,
doubleclick the form to which you want
to apply conditional formatting.
2 Switch to Layout view.
Note: For details on switching form
views, see Chapter 16.
3 Click the field to which you want
to apply conditional formatting.
4 Click the Format tab.
5 Click the Conditional
Formatting button.
The Conditional Formatting Rules
Manager dialog box opens.
6 Click the New Rule button.
The New Formatting Rule dialog
box opens.
7 Set the criteria you want to use
to apply conditional formatting.
8 Specify how values that meet
your criteria should be
9 Click OK.
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