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Perform a Simple Query
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
C Access displays the Query
Tools Design tab.
5 Click in the Criteria box for
the field you want to use as
a criterion and type the data
that you want to view.
This example specifies a ZIP
code as the criterion.
6 Click the bottom half of the
View button.
7 Click Datasheet View .
D The table now shows only the
records matching the criteria.
How do I add another table to my
Switch to Design view, click the Design
tab on the Ribbon, and then click the
Show Table button to open the Show
Table dialog box, where you can add
another table to the query.
What kinds of queries do the other wizards in the New
Query dialog box create?
The Crosstab Query Wizard’s query displays information in a
spreadsheet-like format, the Find Duplicates Query Wizard’s
query finds records with duplicate field values, and the Find
Unmatched Query Wizard’s query finds records in one table
with no related records in another table.
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