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Create a Report
Create a Report
You can use Access to create a report based on one or more database tables. You can create a
simple report, which contains all the fields in a single table, or a custom report, which can
contain data from multiple tables. To use fields from two or more tables, the tables must have a
relationship. See the tip “What is a table relationship?” in the previous section for more information.
To create a custom report, you can use the Report Wizard; it guides you through all the steps
necessary to turn complex database data into an easy-to-read report.
Create a Report
Create a Simple Report
1 In the Navigation pane,
double-click the table for
which you want to create a
simple report.
2 Click the Create tab.
3 Click the Report button.
A Access creates a simple
report based on the table
you selected.
4 Click to close the report.
Access prompts you to save
the report.
5 Click Yes .
6 In the dialog box that
appears, supply a report
name and click OK.
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