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Create a Report
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
B The report appears in the Navigation
Create a Custom Report
1 In the Navigation pane, double-click
the table for which you want to create
a simple report.
2 Click the Create tab.
3 Click the Report Wizard button.
The Report Wizard opens.
4 Click the Tables/Queries and
choose the table containing the fields
on which you want to base the report.
5 In the Available Fields list, click a field
that you want to include in the report.
6 Click the Add button ( ).
C The field appears in the Selected
Fields list.
7 Repeat Steps and to add more 6
fields to your report.
8 Click Next .
9 Optionally, click the field you want
to use to group the data.
0 Click the Add button ( ).
D A preview of the grouping appears
! Click Next .
How do I choose fields from
different tables in a custom
Repeat Step in the subsection 3
“Create a Custom Report” for each
additional table that contains fields
you want to include.
How do I remove a field from a custom report?
If you have not yet completed the wizard, you can remove a field
from the report by clicking the Back button until you reach the
wizard’s first screen. Then click the field you want to remove in the
Selected Fields list and click the Remove button ( ) to remove
the field. To remove all the fields, click the Remove All button (
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