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Create a Report
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
^ Type a name for the report.
& Select Preview the report
changes to
* Click Finish .
B Access creates and displays
the report.
C The report appears in the
Navigation pane.
How do I print a report?
To print a report from Print Preview
view, click the Print Preview tab and
click the Print button. Alternatively,
click the File button and click Print to
open the Print dialog box, where you
can select various printing options.
How can I customize a report in Access?
You can customize a report using Design view. You can change
the formatting of fields, move fields around, and more. You
can even apply conditional formatting to the report by
clicking the Conditional Formatting button on the Format
tab. For more about conditional formatting, refer to the
section “Apply Conditional Formatting” earlier in this chapter.
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