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Save a File
Working with Files
The Save As dialog box appears.
5 Type a name for the document
C You can click here to select a
location on your computer in
which to save the document.
D You can click the New Folder
button to create a new folder in
which to store the document.
6 Click Save .
E Word saves the document and
displays the name you supplied
in the title bar.
F For subsequent saves, you can
click the Save button ( ) on
the Quick Access Toolbar to
quickly save the file.
Can I save a file using a different file type?
Yes. Each Office program saves to a default file type. For example, a Word document uses the DOCX file
format and Excel uses the XLSX file format. If you want to save the file in a format compatible with
previous versions of Office, you must save it in the appropriate format, such as Word 97-2003 Document for
previous versions of Word. To save a file in a different format, click the Save as Type
in the Save As
dialog box and choose the desired format from the list that appears.
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