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Schedule an Appointment
Schedule an Appointment
You can use Outlook’s Calendar component to keep track of your schedule. When adding new
appointments to the Calendar, you fill out appointment details, such as the name of the person
with whom you are meeting, the location and date of the appointment, and the start and end times
of the appointment. You can also enter notes about the appointment, as well as set up Outlook to
remind you of the appointment in advance. If your appointment occurs regularly, such as a weekly
department meeting, you can set it as a recurring appointment. Outlook adds recurring appointments to
each day, week, or month as you require.
Schedule an Appointment
1 Click Calendar on the Navigation bar.
2 Click the date for which you want to
set an appointment.
A You can click here to navigate to a
different month.
B You can click here to select a
different calendar view, such as a
daily or weekly view.
3 Click the New Appointment button
to display the Appointment window.
4 Type a name for the appointment;
Outlook adds the name to the
window’s title.
C You can type the appointment
location here.
5 Click the Start time
and set a
start time.
Note: By default, Outlook allots 30
minutes for an appointment.
D You can click the End time
change the end time.
E Outlook automatically sets a
reminder. You can click to
change the reminder setting.
F You can type notes about the
appointment here.
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