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Create a New Task
Create a New Task
You can use Outlook’s Tasks component to keep track of things that you need to do; for example,
you can create tasks for a daily list of activities or project steps that you need to complete. You
can assign a due date to each task, prioritize and categorize tasks, and set a reminder date and time.
You can set up a recurring task and even assign tasks to other people.
When you finish a task, you can mark it as complete. Depending on the current view, completed
tasks may appear with a strikethrough on the Tasks list or they may not appear at all.
Create a New Task
1 Click Tasks in the Navigation
bar to open the Tasks
2 Click the New Task button.
Outlook displays a Task window.
3 Type a subject for the task.
A You can click
to enter a due
B You can type notes or details
about the task here.
C You can set a priority for the
task using the Priority
D You can select Reminder
( changes to ) and then set
a reminder date and time.
4 If your task occurs regularly, click
here; otherwise, skip to Step .
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