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Create a New Task
Organizing with Outlook
The Task Recurrence dialog box
5 Select the recurrence pattern.
E In the Range of Recurrence
section, you can limit the tasks
if they continue only for a
specified time.
6 Click OK.
7 Click the Save & Close button.
F Outlook displays the task in the list.
G Details of the selected task appear
To edit a task, you can double-click
the task to reopen the Task window.
H This indicator (
) represents a
I This indicator (
) represents a
recurring task.
J You can click a task and mark it
complete by clicking the Mark
Complete button.
K You can click the Change View
button and choose a different view
of tasks.
What happens if I click Tasks on the left side of the Tasks
When you click Tasks , you see an alternative view of your
tasks. From the To-Do List view (shown throughout this
section), you see only outstanding tasks you have not yet
completed. From the Tasks view, you see all your tasks; the
ones you have completed ( A ) appear with a strikethrough
line and a check mark to indicate they are complete.
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