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Add a Note
Organizing with Outlook
To view the note again or
to make changes, you can
double-click it.
D To change your view of notes
in the Notes list, you can
click an option in the Current
View group.
This example displays the
Notes List view.
How do I delete a note that I no longer want?
Click the note in the Notes list and then press . To delete multiple notes at the same time, press and
hold while clicking the notes. Once you delete a note, Outlook places it in the Deleted Items folder. If
you accidentally delete a note,
you can click the Undo button
( ) immediately after you delete
the note. If you discover later
that you need the note, follow
these steps:
1 Click here.
2 Click Folders .
3 Click Deleted Items .
4 Find the note and drag it to
the Notes folder.
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