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Search for Outlook Items
Organizing with Outlook
3 Type your keyword or phrase.
D As you type, Outlook displays
items that match your entry.
You can double-click an item
to view it in its own window.
Using Advanced Search Criteria
1 Click in any component’s search box.
2 On the Search tab, click Search Tools .
3 Click Advanced Find .
E In the Advanced Find window that
appears, specify your search criteria
at the top of the window and on the
Any Items tab. More options appear
on the More Choices tab and the
Advanced tab.
4 Click Find Now to search.
F Results appear in the bottom of the
5 Click to close the window when
you finish.
Can I control search options?
Yes. Perform Steps and in the subsection “Using Advanced Search Criteria.” Then click Search Options 2
to display the search options available in the Outlook Options dialog box. You can, for example, improve
search speed by limiting the number of results Outlook displays, and you can control the color Outlook uses
to highlight terms that match your search criteria. Make any necessary changes and click OK.
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