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Work with the To-Do Bar
Work with the To-Do Bar
Outlook’s To-Do Bar can display a monthly calendar and appointments, your favorite contacts,
or your tasks. You can choose to show all or any combination of these elements. The To-Do Bar
appears along the right side of the Outlook window.
To-Do Bar elements can appear in any Outlook component. Note that displaying To-Do Bar elements
in one Outlook component does not display them in any other Outlook component. You can,
however, display To-Do Bar elements individually in each Outlook component.
Work with the To-Do Bar
1 On the Navigation bar, click the
Outlook component in which you
want to display To-Do Bar
2 Click the View tab.
3 Click To-Do Bar .
4 Click the To-Do Bar element you
want to display.
In this example, Outlook displays
the calendar.
A The To-Do Bar appears along the
right side of the Outlook window,
displaying the element you
selected in Step .
5 Repeat Steps and to display 4
another To-Do Bar element.
6 Repeat Steps to to display 5
To-Do Bar elements in another
Outlook Component.
B To hide an individual To-Do Bar
element, click for the element.
Note: To hide the entire To-Do Bar
in a particular Outlook component,
repeat Steps and and then 3
click Off .
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