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Link Contacts
Link Contacts
You can link two contacts so that, in the People view of your contacts, you can see all information
for the linked contacts on one card.
For example, suppose that you set up two cards for one contact because you want to be able to
easily e-mail that person at two different e-mail addresses. If you link the two cards, you can still
e-mail to whichever address you want, but you have the added benefit of viewing all of the person’s
contact information on one card in the People view. You can unlink the contacts at any time.
Link Contacts
1 Click People on the Navigation
2 Click People .
3 Click a contact you want to link.
4 Click here.
5 Click Link Contacts .
6 In the Linked Contacts dialog box,
type another contact’s name.
7 Click the search result you want
to link.
A Outlook moves the contact you
selected in Step above the 7
search box.
8 Click OK.
Outlook links the contacts.
9 Click either contact card.
B Outlook displays all contact
information for the contact on
both contact cards.
C To unlink the contacts, click here
and then click Link Contacts to
redisplay the Linked Contacts
dialog box; click the Contact you
want to unlink and click OK.
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