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Chapter 19: E-Mailing with Outlook
Compose and Send a Message
You can use Outlook to compose and send e-mail messages. When you compose a message in Outlook,
you designate the e-mail address of the message recipient (or recipients) and type your message
text. You can also give the message a subject title to identify the content of the message for recipients.
You can compose a message offline, but you must be working online to send it. If you do not have
time to finish composing your message during your current work session, you can save the message
as a draft and come back at a later time to finish it.
Compose and Send a Message
1 On the Navigation bar, click Mail
to display the Mail component.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the New Email button.
Outlook opens an untitled message
4 Type the recipient’s e-mail address.
A If the e-mail address is already in
your Address Book, you can click
the To button and select the
recipient’s name.
If you enter more than one e-mail
address, you must separate each
address with a semicolon (;) and a
5 Type a subject title for the
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