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Send a File Attachment
Send a File Attachment
You can send files stored on your computer to other e-mail recipients. For example, you might
send an Excel worksheet or Word document to a work colleague or send a digital photo of your
child’s birthday to a relative. Assuming that the recipient’s computer has the necessary software
installed, that person can open and view the file on his or her own system.
Note that some e-mail systems are not set up to handle large file attachments. If you are sending a
large attachment, check with the recipient to see if his or her system can handle it.
Send a File Attachment
1 Create a new e-mail message,
entering the recipient’s e-mail
address, a subject title, and the
message text.
Note: Refer to the previous section,
“Compose and Send a Message,” for
help creating a new e-mail message.
2 Click the Message tab.
3 Click the Attach File button.
The Insert File dialog box appears.
4 Locate and select the file you want
to send.
5 Click Insert .
A Outlook adds the file attachment
to the message, displaying the
filename and file size.
6 Click Send .
Outlook sends the e-mail message
and attachment.
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