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Reply To or Forward a Message
Reply To or Forward a Message
You can reply to an e-mail message by sending a return message to the original sender. For example, if
you receive an e-mail message containing a question, you can reply to that e-mail with your answer.
When you reply to an e-mail, the original sender’s name is added to the To field in the message.
You can also forward the message to another recipient. For example, you might forward a message
that you receive from one co-worker to another co-worker who will find its contents useful.
Note that you must be connected to the Internet in order to send replies or forward e-mail messages.
Reply To or Forward a Message
Reply To a Message
1 In the Message list pane, click
the message to which you want
to reply.
2 In the Reading pane, click Reply
to reply to the original sender.
A To reply to the sender as well as
to everyone else who received the
original message, you can click
Reply All .
B The original sender’s address
appears in the To field.
C You can click Pop Out to open
your reply in its own message
3 Type your reply.
D If you change your mind and do
not want to reply to the message,
you can click Discard .
4 Click Send .
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