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Reply To or Forward a Message
E-Mailing with Outlook
E Outlook places the e-mail
message in the Outbox.
F Outlook sends the message at
its next automatically scheduled
send/receive action; to send the
message, click the Send/Receive
All Folders button on the
Home tab.
Forward a Message
1 In the Message list pane, click
the message to which you want
to reply.
2 In the Reading pane, click
Forward .
3 Type the recipient’s e-mail
address in the To field.
G You can click Pop Out to open
your message in its own
4 Perform Steps and in the 4
previous subsection, “Reply To
a Message.”
How do I look up an e-mail address when forwarding a message?
Perform Steps and in the subsection “Forward a Message.” Click the To button to display a list of your
contacts. Type a few letters to identify the contact. Outlook highlights the first contact that matches what
you typed. If necessary, use the arrow keys to highlight the correct contact. Press to display the
contact in the To field. Click OK and Outlook places the contact name in the To field of your message.
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