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Add a Sender to Your Outlook Contacts
Add a Sender to Your Outlook Contacts
Suppose you receive an e-mail message from someone with whom you expect to correspond
regularly, but you do not have a record for that individual in Outlook contacts. You can easily add
the contact information of the sender of any message you receive to your Outlook contacts, directly
from the message. If, at a later time, you want to send a new message to that person, you can click
the To button and choose his or her name from the Select Names: Contacts dialog box, as shown in
the tip in the previous section, “Reply To or Forward a Message.”
Add a Sender to Your Outlook Contacts
1 In the Message list pane,
click the message from the
sender you want to add as a
2 In the Reading pane,
rightclick the sender’s name.
3 Click Add to Outlook
Contacts .
A A window opens with the
sender’s e-mail address
already filled in.
4 Type a name for the contact.
B You can click any to add
additional information.
5 Click Save .
Outlook saves the contact
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