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Delete a Message
Delete a Message
As you receive e-mail messages, you can eliminate clutter if you delete messages you no longer
need from your Inbox and other Outlook folders.
Note that when you delete a message from your Inbox or any other Outlook folder, Outlook does not
remove it from your system. Rather, it moves it to the Deleted Items folder. To permanently remove
deleted messages from your system, thereby maximizing your computer’s storage capacity, you
should empty the Deleted Items folder on a regular basis.
Delete a Message
1 In the Message list pane, click
the message you want to delete.
2 Make sure the mouse pointer
remains over the message you
clicked in Step .
3 Press , or click in the
Message list pane, or click
Delete on the Home tab.
Outlook deletes the message
from the Inbox and the
Message list pane and adds it
to the Deleted Items folder.
A You can click the Deleted
Items folder to view the
message that you deleted.
B To empty the Deleted Items
folder, right-click it and click
Empty Folder .
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