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Work with Conversations
Work with Conversations
You can view your e-mail messages as conversations in Outlook. In Conversation view, Outlook groups
related messages that are part of the same conversation, or thread , in the Message list pane.
Using Conversation view, all related messages, including messages that you have sent as replies or
forwarded to others, appear under a single heading — typically the subject of the message. You expand
a thread to view its related messages. By default, Outlook displays all messages in the Message list pane
of the Inbox in Conversation view.
Work with Conversations
View a Conversation
1 In the Message list pane, click a
conversation entry.
Note: You can identify a conversation
because appears on the left side of
the entry. If your messages do not
appear as conversations, click the View
tab and then select Show as
Conversations ( changes to ).
A The number of messages in the
conversation appears here.
2 Click to expand the conversation.
B Outlook expands the conversation,
displaying all the related messages
( changes to ).
C Outlook displays the conversation
using the subject as a heading.
3 Click
to close the conversation
changes to ).
Outlook closes the conversation,
displaying a single entry for the
conversation as it appeared before
you opened the conversation.
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