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Work with Conversations
E-Mailing with Outlook
Clean Up a Conversation
1 Perform Steps and in the 2
previous subsection, “View a
2 Click a message in the conversation
you want to clean up.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click the Clean Up button in the
Delete group.
5 Click Clean Up Conversation .
The Clean Up Conversation dialog
box opens.
6 Click Clean Up .
D Outlook removes redundant
messages from the conversation.
E Outlook places the removed
messages in the Deleted Items
Note: To permanently remove the
messages, right-click the Deleted
Items folder and click Empty Folder .
Is there a way to ignore conversations where I am included but they are not relevant to me?
Yes. Perform Steps and in the subsection “View a Conversation.” Click the Home tab, and then click the 2
Ignore button. In the message box that appears, click OK. Outlook removes the conversation and places it in
the Deleted Items folder. If you realize you have ignored a conversation in error, you can stop ignoring it.
Click the Deleted Items folder, repeat Steps to in this tip, and then click Stop Ignoring Conversation .
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