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Screen Junk E-Mail
Screen Junk E-Mail
Junk e-mail, also called spam , is overly abundant on the Internet and often finds its way into
your Inbox. You can safeguard against wasting time viewing unsolicited messages by setting up
Outlook’s Junk E-mail feature. This feature enables you to make sure that Outlook bypasses e-mail
from specific web domains and instead deposits those messages into the Outlook Junk E-mail folder.
Outlook might erroneously place e-mail that is not spam in the Junk E-mail folder. Periodically scan
the contents of this folder to ensure that it does not contain any messages you want to read.
Screen Junk E-Mail
View Junk E-Mail Options
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click the Junk .
3 Click Junk E-mail Options .
The Junk E-mail Options
dialog box appears.
A You can use the various tabs
to view junk e-mail settings,
blocked domains, and safe
B You can click one of these
options to control the level
of junk e-mail filtering that
Outlook applies.
4 Click OK.
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