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Create a Message Rule
Create a Message Rule
You can use rules to determine what Outlook does when you receive a message that meets a
specific set of conditions. For example, you might create a rule that ensures that any message
from a certain sender is placed directly into a folder of your choosing as soon as Outlook downloads
the message. Alternatively, you might set up Outlook to play a certain sound when you receive a
message that meets the criteria you set.
You can set rules that are quite simple, as outlined in this section, or rules that are very complex —
involving various criteria, exceptions to the rule, and so on.
Create a Message Rule
1 Click the message on which
you want to base a rule.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Rules
4 Click Create Rule .
The Create Rule dialog box
5 Select the conditions
that you want to apply
( changes to ).
6 Specify the actions to take
when the conditions are met.
In this example, select the
Move the item to folder
check box (
to ).
7 Click the Select Folder
The Rules and Alerts dialog
box appears.
8 Click the folder where you
want Outlook to move the
9 Click OK.
0 Click OK.
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