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Chapter 20: Publisher Basics
Create a Publication
You can use Publisher to create all kinds of publications, such as brochures, flyers, newsletters,
and letterhead stationery. Publisher installs with a wide variety of publication design templates,
and you can search for templates at .
If none of Publisher’s predesigned publication templates suits your needs, you can create a blank
publication, populate it with your own text boxes, and design your own layout. For example, you
might want to create your own brochure or invitation and customize it.
Create a Publication
1 Open Publisher.
The Publisher Start screen
Note: If Publisher is already
open, click the File tab and then
click New .
2 Use and to scroll
through the available
publication templates.
3 Click a publication design to
preview it.
A Publisher displays a preview
of the selected design
B A description of the template
appears here.
C You can click these buttons
to view more images of the
D You can click these buttons
to preview the next or
previous template design.
4 Click Create .
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