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Zoom In and Out
Publisher Basics
Using Zoom Buttons
1 Click the area of the publication
where you want to change the
D Publisher surrounds the area with
selection handles ( and ).
2 Click a magnification button to
zoom in or out.
You can click the Zoom buttons
multiple times to change the level
of magnification.
E You can also click and drag the
slider to change the level of
F Publisher changes the magnification
setting for your publication.
G You can see the current
magnification level here.
Are there other ways to zoom my publication?
Yes, there are several shortcuts you can use to quickly zoom a publication. For example, you can press
on the keyboard to quickly zoom in and out of a publication. To quickly zoom to 100 percent, you can click
the View tab and, in the Zoom group, click the 100% button. To quickly view the whole page, click the
Whole Page button in the same Zoom group. You can click the Page Width button in the Zoom group to
match the width of the page to the width of the Publisher window.
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