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Add a New Text Box
Add a New Text Box
You can add new text boxes to a publication and type your own text. For example, you might need
to add a new text box to an empty area in your layout to include additional information, or you
might need to add new text boxes to a blank publication.
When you add a text box to a publication, Publisher does not supply any placeholder text. Therefore,
when you fill the text box with your own text, you do not replace any existing text. After you enter
text, you can format it or move and resize it as described in Chapter 21.
Add a New Text Box
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Draw Text Box .
changes to .
3 Click at the spot that
represents the upper-left
corner of the text box.
4 Drag down and to the right
until the text box is the size
that you need.
5 Release the mouse button.
A The text box appears
onscreen, with the insertion
point inside (
to ).
6 Type the text that you want
to insert into the text box.
Note: To apply formatting to text
and to move and resize text box
objects, see Chapter 21.
7 Click anywhere outside the
text object to deselect the
text box.
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