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Swap Pictures
Swap Pictures
You can add pictures to your publication — pictures stored on your hard drive or pictures you
download from the Internet — as described in Chapter 3. Publisher’s Swap Pictures feature
enables you to insert several pictures simultaneously into the scratch area , a space outside the
publication page. Then, you can drag one picture onto your publication and, if necessary, you can
swap it for another picture in the scratch area. You can continue substituting different pictures until
you find the right one for your publication.
Swap Pictures
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click Pictures .
Note: To use online pictures, download
them to your computer, as described in
Chapter 3.
The Insert Picture dialog box
3 Navigate to and select the pictures
you want to consider.
You can select multiple pictures by
as you click each one.
4 Click Insert .
A The pictures appear in the
scratch area outside your
publication page.
Note: Publisher surrounds each
picture you insert with selection
handles ( and ).
5 Click anywhere in the scratch
area outside the pictures so that
none are selected.
6 Point at a picture you want to
place on the publication page.
B A button containing an image of
a mountain ( ) appears in the
center of the picture.
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