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Swap Pictures
Publisher Basics
7 Drag to place the picture
on the publication page.
C The picture disappears from
the scratch area and appears
on the publication page.
8 Click anywhere outside the
picture to deselect it.
9 To swap the image with
another one, point at the
picture you want to use as a
replacement and drag
until the new picture appears
close to the existing picture
on the publication page.
0 Release the mouse button
when a pink outline appears.
D Publisher swaps the original
picture for the new one.
To swap pictures, must they be in the scratch area?
No. You can swap two pictures on a publication page. Just follow the steps in this section, dragging one
picture on the page on top of the other picture. The two pictures exchange places on the page. The scratch
area is useful when you want to choose between multiple pictures for a page or when you want to add
pictures to several pages. The pictures can temporarily reside in the scratch area while you make your
decisions. When you no longer need a picture in the scratch area, click it to select it and then press
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