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Save a Publication for Photo Center Printing
Publisher Basics
The Choose Location dialog box
7 Navigate to the folder where you
want Publisher to save your
images for photo printing.
8 Click Select Folder .
Publisher displays a progress bar
as it saves your images. When it
finishes, your publication
reappears on-screen.
9 You can view the folder using File
Explorer (Windows Explorer for
Windows 7 users). Click the
Explorer button on the Windows
0 Navigate to the folder in which
you chose to save your images.
A Publisher saves the images in a
folder using the name of your
B Publisher assigns image names to
each page based on the page
number in the publication.
Can I change the names that Publisher assigns to each image?
Yes. You can change them in File Explorer after Publisher creates them, or you can
change them in Publisher before creating them by performing the steps that follow.
In the Pages pane on the left side of the Publisher window, right-click a page. From
the menu that appears, click Rename . In the Rename Page dialog box, type the
name you want to use for the photo image ( A ) and click OK. Repeat these steps for
each page in the publication. When you create photos for printing, Publisher names the photos using the
page names you provided.
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