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Change Text Alignment
Change Text Alignment
Although each publication design automatically establishes an alignment to best suit the design, you
can change the alignment to suit your own needs. You can use Publisher’s alignment commands
to change the way in which text is positioned both horizontally and vertically in a text object box.
For example, you might choose to align text in the bottom-right corner of the text object box. There
are nine alignment options: Align Top Left, Align Top Center, Align Top Right, Align Center Left, Align
Center, Align Center Right, Align Bottom Left, Align Bottom Center, and Align Bottom Right.
Change Text Alignment
1 Select the text that you want
to format.
2 Click the Text Box Tools
Format tab.
3 Click a button in the
Alignment group.
A This example uses the Align
Bottom Left button (
B Publisher applies the new
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