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Control Text Wrap
Control Text Wrap
To add visual interest, many publications include text as well as objects, such as photographs, clip
art images, tables, charts, or other visual elements. You can control the way in which text wraps
around a picture, table, chart, or any other object in a publication. For example, you may want a
column of text to wrap tightly around an object, to appear above and below the object but not on
the sides, and so on. Alternatively, you might want the text to simply appear on top of the object.
Control Text Wrap
1 Create a text block and type text
into it. (See Chapter 20 for details.)
2 Insert a picture or other object
inside the text block. (See Chapter 3
for details.)
Note: The picture might temporarily
obscure some of your text. When you
finish these steps, all text will be
3 Click the picture object or other
object inside the text block to
select it (
appear around
the picture).
4 Click the Picture Tools Format tab.
5 Click the Wrap Text button.
6 Click a text wrapping option.
Publisher applies the text wrapping.
A This example applies square text
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