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Link Text Boxes
Link Text Boxes
When you add too much text to a text object, any text that does not fit in the text box is called
overflow . In some cases, Publisher attempts to correct this problem with its AutoFit feature,
which reduces the size of your text to make it fit. Alternatively, you can correct the problem of
overflow text by creating a new text box adjacent to the existing one, linking the two text boxes,
and flowing the extra text into the new text box. You use the Linking tools on the Text Box Tools
Format tab to navigate and connect text boxes in a publication.
Link Text Boxes
Link Text Boxes
1 Create a text block and type
text into it. (See Chapter 20
for details.)
Note: Type all the text you need,
even though you cannot see all
of it.
2 Create another text box; you
will place the overflow text
into this box.
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