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Move and Resize Publication Objects
Fine-Tuning a Publication
Resize an Object
1 Click the object that you want
to resize.
C Publisher surrounds the selected
object with handles ( and ).
2 Position the mouse pointer over the
edge of the object until it changes
from to , , , or .
Note: To maintain an object’s perspective,
drag a corner using or .
3 Click and drag a handle inward or
outward to resize the object.
D A dotted line represents the object’s
proposed size.
When you release the mouse button,
Publisher resizes the object.
E This example resizes a picture.
Can I rotate an object?
Yes. Click the object to select it, and then click the
green rotation handle at the top of the selected
object and drag it in the direction you want to
rotate the object. When you have rotated the object
to the desired degree, release the mouse button.
How do I delete an object?
To remove an object from a publication, click the
object to select it and press . Publisher
removes the object from the page. You can select
more than one object to delete by pressing and
as you click each object.
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