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Edit the Background
Fine-Tuning a Publication
Create a Picture Background
1 Select the page you want to fill
with a background picture.
2 Insert the picture you want to
use into your publication and
drag it to the scratch area.
Note: See Chapter 3 for details on
inserting a picture, and Chapter 20
for details on using the scratch area.
3 Right-click the picture.
4 Point the mouse at Apply to
Background .
5 Click either Fill or Tile .
This example uses Fill.
B Publisher fills the page you
selected in Step with the photo 1
or tiles of the photo.
How do I remove a background?
Click the Page Design tab, click the Background
button, and click at the left edge of the gallery
under No Background . The option for no
background is white and fades into the gallery,
but as you move the mouse, the white square
becomes visible.
Can I apply a custom background?
Yes. You can assign a one-color or two-color
gradient background using colors you choose. You
can also apply a texture, a pattern, or your own
custom tint. You access these options from the
Format Background dialog box. To open this dialog
box, click the Page Design tab, click Background ,
and choose More Backgrounds .
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