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Create a Building Block Object
Fine-Tuning a Publication
The Create New Building Block
dialog box appears.
5 Type a name for the item.
6 Type a description for the item.
7 Click to choose a category for
the item.
8 Type keywords describing the
9 Click OK.
Publisher creates the
Building Block object.
A You can view the item by
clicking the button you
clicked in Step .
How do I remove a Building Block object?
Click the Insert tab and click the
appropriate button in the Building Blocks
group. Then right-click the Building Block
object you want to delete, choose Delete ,
and click OK to confirm the deletion.
Are there more Building Block objects?
Yes. To access more Building Block objects, click the
appropriate button in the Building Blocks group and choose
More Building Blocks from the menu that appears. (The
precise name of this option varies, depending on what button
you click.) The Building Block Library window opens,
displaying all Building Block objects of the type you selected.
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