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Type and Draw Notes
Taking Notes with OneNote
Draw Notes
1 Click a section and a page
on which you want to type
a note.
2 Click the Draw tab.
3 In the Tools group, click a
drawing tool.
A You can click to view all
available drawing tools.
4 Draw or handwrite your note.
Note: When you finish, click
Type to stop drawing.
How do I move a note?
To move a typed note, position the mouse over the text; the note
container appears. Position the mouse pointer over the container’s top;
when changes to , click and drag the container to the desired
location. To move a drawing, click the Lasso Select button on the Draw
tab and draw a box around the drawing. Then click Type and move the
mouse over the drawing ( changes to
Can I convert handwriting
to typing?
Yes. Click Type , drag the
mouse pointer over the
handwriting to select it, and
click Ink to Text .
); drag the drawing.
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