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Insert and Format a Table
Insert and Format a Table
You can create sophisticated-looking tables in your notes. In addition to inserting and deleting
rows in tables as needed, OneNote supports formatting options for cells, including shading them
and hiding their borders. You can also align cell information to the left or right edge of the cell or
center it within the cell. In addition, you can sort data in your table so you can organize and display
information the way you want. You can also convert a table in OneNote to an Excel spreadsheet if
you need to perform detailed analysis on the table data.
Insert and Format a Table
Insert a Table
1 Click in the notebook where
you want the table to appear.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Table to display a
table grid.
4 Slide the mouse pointer
across the squares that
represent the number of rows
and columns you want in
your table.
5 Click the square representing
the lower-right corner of
your table.
The table appears in the
location you selected in
Step .
A The insertion point appears
in the upper-left corner
of the table, ready for you
to type.
B Table Tools appear on the
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