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Insert and Format a Table
Taking Notes with OneNote
Apply Table Formatting
6 Click the Layout tab.
C You can select any of these
options to format your table.
7 Click a cell in the table or select
multiple cells.
8 Click an option on the Ribbon.
Note: In this example, OneNote
applies shading. For shading, you
can click the bottom half of the
Shading button to display and select
from a palette of shading colors.
D OneNote applies the option you
selected in Step to the cell 8
you selected in Step .
How do I select more than one cell?
Selecting multiple cells is useful when you want to apply the same
option to several table cells. Click in the first cell you want to select
and drag either across or down to select adjacent cells. You can select
non-adjacent cells if you press and hold
How do I delete a table?
Click in the table, click Layout
on the Ribbon, and then click
the Delete Table button.
as you drag
across each cell you want to select.
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