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Attach Files to Notes
Attach Files to Notes
Sometimes it is helpful to attach a document or other file to a page in OneNote. For example,
suppose you have created a spreadsheet for expense account transactions in Microsoft Excel;
you can attach that spreadsheet to a OneNote page devoted to work. Likewise, you could attach a
PowerPoint presentation to a OneNote page devoted to a business meeting that you plan to attend.
When you attach a file to a note in a OneNote notebook, an icon for that file appears on the note;
you can double-click the icon to open the file from within OneNote.
Attach Files to Notes
1 Click a section and a page on
which you want to attach a file.
2 Click the place on the page
where you want the file
attachment to appear.
3 Click the Insert tab.
4 Click File Attachment .
The Choose a File or a Set of
Files to Insert dialog box opens.
5 Locate and select the file you
want to insert.
6 Click Insert .
OneNote displays the Insert File
7 Click Attach File .
A OneNote inserts an icon for
the file.
You can move the shortcut icon
as needed by dragging it.
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