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Send Information to OneNote
Send Information to OneNote
Suppose that you have composed a letter in Word or created a worksheet in Excel. You can send a
copy of your work in a OneNote notebook using the OneNote Clipping Tool.
You can think of using the OneNote Clipping Tool to place information from another program into
OneNote as a quick and easy way to copy and paste information. If you have multiple documents
open in multiple programs, the OneNote Clipping Tool copies the last document you viewed in
another program to OneNote.
Send Information to OneNote
1 Open any document in any
Office program.
This example uses a letter in
2 On the Windows taskbar,
click the Send To OneNote
3 Click Send to OneNote .
The Select Location in
OneNote dialog box appears.
4 Click a location in the
notebook where you want to
place the document.
5 Click OK.
A The document appears in
Note: If you use these steps for
an Excel workbook, OneNote
prompts you to choose between
inserting a file attachment icon,
a spreadsheet, or a chart or
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